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This morning, after turning on my Chrome browser, I noticed that the YouTube Options plugin doesn’t work anymore, as they have switched to a paid plan a while ago and have disabled the free one, which I already had installed, remotely. What you could do with YouTube Options:

  • hide comments
  • hide ads
  • disable auto-play in general, or leave it on during playlists
  • go automatically to a HD, or non-HD version of the clip, based on your connection
  • hide player controls
  • resize the video window
  • hide other elements on the youtube page to a point where only the video is available

Now, I have been using it mostly for disabling auto-play and enabling the 1080p version when possible, but also hiding a few elements in the page. Now that I’ve gotten used to this functionality, I can’t simply go back to using YouTube in it’s simplest form.
I could pay them $1.99/mo, but I think that is a bit excessive for a plugin and also, there are other free options.

Here enters the Magic Actions extension. The description on their page says:

Magic Actions for YouTube™ is an extension for the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers that will help you enhance your watching experience on YouTube. Magic Actions includes unique features and tweaks that you may not find in a similar apps, provides you the ability to watch videos in Full HD and even in Ultra HD4K automatically, watch videos in a Cinema Mode with a fantastic light effects around the player, lets you easily control the volume level with your mouse wheel, switch between light and dark themes instantly, with just 1-click. With all its pieces adding up to the superior Hi-End product, we hope you will enjoy every time of using this extension.

In reality, Magic Actions delivers all that I’m looking for, that I used to have from YTO, and more. It not only has pause autoplay, auto HD, hide certain parts of the YouTube page, but it also has the following:

  • cinema mode – where you click a button and everything else on the page disappears except for the video
  • day/night mode – where the background of the page turns from white to gray, so your eyes don’t hurt when watching during the evening/night
  • Bypass country, always use Worldwide / English – brilliant option to disable location based content (if you need this)
  • and more

Even better, it is available for Firefox, Chrome or Opera, so just go to their webpage by clicking this link: and add it to your browser. After doing so, you will get the following buttons underneath any video:

Magic Actions toolbar

The first button is a link to their webpage, the second one to their YouTube channel, third one is the options menu where you can select whatever you need the plugin to do and the rest are self explanatory.

Go check it out and improve your YouTube viewing experience.

If you enjoy the plugin, you can donate by going to: which by the way is how I think a plugin should be getting the money they need. That and some ads, but not charging for a monthly subscription for sure.

Also, share this post with your friends using the buttons on the side, so that they can also improve their YouTube experience.

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