will haunt your clicks

The Next Web reports about and their maybe innocent fun?

It works like this: you visit, enter a page URL and press the big ‘Edit’ button. You’ll be redirected to a framed version of the target site which you can edit. You can change the text, add an image and do pretty much anything you want. When you are done improving (or defacing) your page you press ‘Save & Finish’ and you’ll get a custom pointing to your edited page.

Source: The Next Web will haunt you from now on every time you use an URL shortener I think. You will wonder if the page has been modified, and you will check the site url twice before reading any news.

This is not a new concept, as you can do this yourself with any modern browser, but somebody put it into a somewhat short website address, so it looks like an url shortener and they create a redirect to the actual page, to make it look even more real.

I do remember there was another website like this, called, I believe.

As usual, be careful what you read and what you click on when you’re online.

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