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QuizUp, trivia, fun questions

Let me tell you a little bit about QuizUp, the game that wastes my time, but manages to not make me regret it at the end. If you’ve ever played trivia before, and I think most people have, you know how to play this game.

I’m often fond of games that don’t allow my brain to drift on into a lethargic state, and QuizUp classifies.

Some details about QuizUP:

It has over 350.000 questions divided into 600+ categories, so I’m certain you can find something to enjoy.

The main categories are: Arts, Business, Educational, Games, Geography, History, Literature, Lifestyle, Movies, Music, Nature, Science, Sports, TV. Each category contains several different subjects for you to choose.

You have the option to select a random opponent in each category, or challenge one of your friends to a duel. Imagine how cool it would be to test your knowledge of the Walking Dead, or Cities of Europe, against your friend?
Best part about this in my opinion is that you can challenge your friend, finish your turn, and then your friend can take their turn later if he doesn’t have time to play it “live”.

After you’ve passed level 15 in a certain subject, you can submit your own questions which, if accepted, will be published into the app for everybody to enjoy.

In the screenshot I posted below, you can admire my might in the “Tech” subject. Thought, to be fair, I think I am only top 10 in Ireland because not that many people play this subject. Overall, the game currently has over 25 million users, so chances are that no matter which subject you select, at whatever time of day, you will find somebody to play with.

quizup, trivia, fun questions

You can find it on Android or iOS.

Here is their advert:

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