How fast can you type?

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Today, I did one of those tests I found on, as I saw that a friend did it and got 99 words per minute.
I was wondering how fast I can type so, I cracked my fingers, fired up the web page and then messed up straight away. I needed a couple of practice runs to get in “shape” but then, I was good to go. I was typing so fast that I felt like my hands are on fire, and then saw I only got 100 WPM, but at least I got more than my friend :-).

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This got me thinking about what the average typing speed is and what the fastest typist in the world has achieved with a QWERTY keyboard (which is what most of us use).

Apparently, according to (and other sources), the fastest speed of 216 words was recorded in 1946 by Stella Pajunas on an IBM machine. That’s pretty impressive.
While the average typing speed is usually between 50-80 words per minute, some secretarial jobs require 95-100, which is how fast I can type so, I guess now I can become a secretary. Yay!

In contrast, on average, we can write at about 30 words per minute, read at about 200 words per minute and speak at about 300 wpm. All that is pretty impressive, specially given that apparently we think at about 400 words per minute.

Check out this infographic from

How to Type Faster. Average WPM Speed Infographic

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Have you tested how fast you can type? If so, leave a comment and tell me you beat me 🙂

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