Dracula Untold

An upcoming movie caught my eye today about the story of Vlad Tepes aka Dracula. It will be called “Dracula Untold“.

The trailer shows quite a bit of action and several different scenes, but I couldn’t shake the feeling, when I started watching it, that this is very similar to the movie “300”. I mean, the main character gets a messenger from the Turkish empire (instead of the Persian Empire), kills said messenger, then the empire sends an army, so the main character climbs a mountain to speak to an “oracle”.
Despite these initial similarities, the trailer goes on to show some interesting scenes and also a bit of the plot. What I’m afraid of is that, except for the good parts in the trailer, there won’t be anything good in the movie.

The lead actor is Luke Evans, whom personally I’ve only seen inĀ Fast & Furious 6 as “Shaw” and didn’t think he sucked, but then again wasn’t incredibly impressive.

To be honest, I don’t see this movie going past a 6.7 score on IMDb, but I do think it’s going to make more than the estimated budget of $100 million.

I guess all that is left is to go at the cinema in October and check it out.
From watching the trailer, what do you think ?

Tell me your thoughts...

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