Disposable e-mail address

How many times have you had to enter your e-mail address to signup for a something, but you were almost sure that if you do, you will receive spam?
Fortunately, there is a cure for that: disposable e-mail addresses.

With disposable e-mail addresses, you just signup for anything and forget about that website if you just wanted to read, or receive something. Further more, many of them allow you to reuse the same e-mail address later for some confirmation e-mail, and transfer your account to your real address.

Here are some that I’ve used:

  1. Guerrilla Mail –  It has multiple domains and you can recover your e-mail later. Click WTF? for more information
  2. Mailinator – Also has multiple domains and you have the option to create permanent e-mails with forwarding to GMail
  3. Air Mail – Also has multiple domains and once you click “Get Temporary Email” you can return to your inbox by bookmarking the URL
  4. 10 Minute Mail – Once you access the website, it create an e-mail valid for 10 minutes. You can request 10 more minutes, but the e-mail is not permanent
  5. Temp Mail – Once you access the website, you get an e-mail for 2 hours and you can request additional hours, but it’s not permanent

With some of these, if you select a long and weird e-mail like [email protected] you might be able to use that again later to receive some quick e-mail, where they don’t offer other options like URL bookmarking, or creating an account.


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