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Last month I started to get ready for my upcoming trip to New York, which will be in September. As such, the first step was to get the flights sorted.
I am not sure why, but when I’m shopping for plane tickets, I usually go straight to, however, this time I thought that I should shop around to get cheap flights from Ireland to New York.

As such, I’ve also looked at the following websites:

 Which one did I think is the best for finding cheap flights?

Even after several hours of searching and comparing, I still think that Skyscanner is the best one, as it not only compares the prices found from airline companies directly, but also from brokers, so it’s better than looking at any one broker directly. In second place, I think I would pick Momondo.

Finally, I’m very happy with the prices I’ve found by using Skyscanner and booking from eBookers with Delta Airlines.

Oh, and Skyscanner also has apps for iOS or Android.

Which website do you prefer? Please let me know in the comments below.

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