Stop being a victim of clickbaiting

A few days ago, Facebook made an announcement about a change in the way you will see things on your News Feed.
This change was mostly about senzational titles, also called clickbait, or clickbaiting. Some examples would be: “You won’t believe what some celebrity did, click here to find out”, “Do you want to see which Hollywood star was caught naked on camera? Click HERE”, etc.
Of course, when you click, it’s either about something completely different, or it’s not even 10% as sensational as you were expecting. We all saw these types of clickbait on Facebook, so you know what I mean.

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Rating systems

Every single time I am prepared to write a review for a movie, product, restaurant, etc, I run into these devilish rating systems. You know the ones I’m talking about. Sometimes they are little stars, with a range of 5 or 10, or other times they aren’t even stars.
Goodreads, Amazon, Audible, IMDb, Google, Yelp, Tripadvisor, they all use them. How do I figure them out ?

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Working from home: Getting started

It’s been more than one year since I started working from home, and I love it. The journey was bumpy, but very enjoyable.

Many people I know, or even new people I meet, are surprised to hear I work from home. Most of them wish they could do it, so they ask me for advice. Here’s why I’m writing this.
Some of them imagine I stand around all day watching day time TV, so they don’t take me as seriously as they should, but that’s a subject for another article.

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Cheap flights

Last month I started to get ready for my upcoming trip to New York, which will be in September. As such, the first step was to get the flights sorted.
I am not sure why, but when I’m shopping for plane tickets, I usually go straight to, however, this time I thought that I should shop around to¬†get cheap flights from Ireland to New York.

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Why is it so hard to learn programming?

I originally published this on LinkedIn’s Publisher platform.

Ever since I first saw a computer, I knew that I will spend a lot of time using computers in the future. I liked the fact that it obeyed my instructions and that it had all these uses. Over the years I’ve gained a lot of experience with computers and since I even have a BSc in Computer Science, I clearly had to dabble with code many times. Still, it never really stuck to me.

Thinking back as to why I never really learned how to code professionally, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason.
I mean sure, I can read code and understand it and even change it in most languages, but what I find really difficult is to sit down and write my own code.
I’ve done it, but with hardships and generally only scripting. Perhaps this is because I never had a really worthy project, or perhaps that I had some holes in my knowledge that were hard to overcome when writing your own code.

I’ve had many attempts to learn to code at a high level, but I wouldn’t call them successful.

What I did learn from this is:

  • You need a project, otherwise it’s like learning a language without ever speaking it
  • Who teaches you, or if you teach yourself, the source where you learn from, is really important
  • DON’T GIVE UP when you hit a bump in the road and keep practising

That’s it.

If I manage to stick to those three rules, I think I can finally break this barrier that I’ve constructed in my mind, where programming is actually difficult, and I can just have fun with it.

What lessons did you learn when you started to learn to program? If you never learned, what barriers have you constructed in your mind to tell yourself you can’t/don’t need to ?

The proper way to raise donations

I was seating here, at my desk, when I hear a knock. Open the door and it’s somebody from the Red Cross. Obviously, he was raising donations for something, but I didn’t shut the door in his face quickly to pretend like I didn’t hear him. There are some causes about which I am always ready to listen.

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