10 Things I learned while starting my own blog

    Since blogging first started out people have been starting blogs left and right, some of them not even making it to their first 5 posts, others lasting for up to a few months before their owners lost interest. Actually, believe it or not according to a survey ran by Technorati 95% of blogs fail or are not updated in more than 120 days. Shocking isn’t it?

If you are like me you have thought a lot about starting a blog and maybe even done so a few times, but you never picked a good subject or just stuck with it then you know that you fall into that 95%. If you are somebody that is reading this and is thinking about starting a blog, now let me tell you about some of the pitfalls of blogging you should avoid from my experience.

  1. Picking the context of your blog – briefly put, pick something you are passionate about. One of the worst things you can do is pick something you are only remotely interested in or not at all but you want to blog about it because it “sells”. If you do this you will lose interest very fast or you will never be good at it.
  2. Pick a good platform – while there is no one platform that you should blog about that is the best avoid the ones that will lock you into their system and you can’t move out down the road, even though most platforms these days let you migrate you don’t want somebody holding your work hostage.
  3. Don’t make it too formal or too personal – don’t write like people need a dictionary standing by to read your post and keep the personal rants to a minimum. Try to use your own words and own point of view without trying to adopt a style of writing just because it looks “better” and know your audience.
  4. Keep things short and concise – in an era where people barely read above 160 characters you don’t want to turn anybody away so without compromising your point of view try to keep things to the point.
  5. Copy/paste – a big no-no, copying posts of other blogs is not only bad, but will also lose your audience so don’t do it. If you want to write about the same thing as a lot of other blogs just keep it original and people will enjoy it more.
  6. Keep people interested – don’t be afraid to use bold or highlight parts that they should scan through and don’t be afraid to use assisting images to make your point.
  7. Use SEO[1] – there are plug-ins for some blogging platforms or guides on the internet showing you how doing it. If you plan on having any sort of popularity, this is a must.
  8. Be social – part of being a blogger is interacting with other bloggers and don’t be afraid to attend conferences about blogging, you will make great contacts and will pick some good pointers.
  9. Install CAPTCHA – make sure you install captcha or any other software or plug-in that will help you keep the spammers and their annoying botnets at bay.
  10. Write, write, write… – don’t forget to keep writing and keep updating your blog so you won’t fall into the 95% of ghost blogs out there.

Good luck with your new blog and have fun.


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