The proper way to raise donations

I was seating here, at my desk, when I hear a knock. Open the door and it’s somebody from the Red Cross. Obviously, he was raising donations for something, but I didn’t shut the door in his face quickly to pretend like I didn’t hear him. There are some causes about which I am always ready to listen.

He was raising money for the situation in Syria and while I was sitting there listening to him, I had this internal reaction reminding me that I shouldn’t give money to him.
You see, this has been generated by the fact that I grew up in Romania, where there are a large number of non-profit organizations that don’t really exist, or that do exist, but don’t send the money to the right places. Now, I know this exists in any country, even Ireland, but in Romania the number is much larger.

Of course, the Red Cross is a respectable organization anywhere in the world, but what really convinced me to donate is that I remembered, since the time when I agreed to donate to St Vincent De Paul, that in Ireland they don’t accept cash, but instead take your bank details for a direct debit order.
This is something that probably the people of Ireland, and other countries, take for granted, but it is something important that really makes me think that this is the proper way to raise donations.

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