My SteelSeries Siberia V2 Headphones

I pulled the trigger, on the SteelSeries Siberia V2 headphones, after both my Logitech G330‘s and my FutureSoundLab Zero headphones died around the same time. To be fair, the G330’s lasted for over 4 years, and may have lasted even longer if I used the travel case.

SteelSeries Siberia V2


As it’s quite obvious, I went with the white colour, but they are also available in green, red and black, purple and black, orange and black and others.

The headband is made from two different parts. One that holds the headphones together, which is rigid, and another one that is padded and goes over your head. which is flexible. They claim that this construction makes the headphones more lightweight. After several hours of use, I can confirm that’s true.

They are being advertised as gaming headphones, which means they put a lot of work into the high level sounds, and in the microphone.
Speaking of the microphone, it’s retracts out of the casing and you can push it back in when not using it. Very hand and I haven’t seen this before.

steelseries siberia v2 microphone


I can tell that the microphone is of good quality after my tests in some games and on Skype.

They don’t come with a separate USB sound card, like I had with the Logitech G330’s, but they do come with an extension cord. The base cable has 1m and the extension one adds another 2m, which is perfect for those times when you are sitting far away from your PC.
When using the USB sound card, the one I had left from my G330’s, they have a good sound quality, but when using a dedicated sound card, they sound even better.

The maker claims they are compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Xbox and PlayStation. I only tested them with Windows and Mac, and not on any console. Additionally, they also say that functionality is limited on the consoles, which I assume means that the microphone might not work and not that only one headphone works.

The drivers are 50mm and deliver a good sound quality for low, medium and high sound levels.

I’m not an audiofile, but I really like these headphones.

You can buy them on Amazon.