New beginnings

New year, new beginnings.

Have thought about doing a blog ever since blogs started to exist. Then I’ve done a few and never stuck to them.
In the first day of 2014, I quickly installed WordPress on this domain and decided that today will be my first post.

Let’s see, usually when a new year begins, people make resolutions. Why should I be any different?
I will try to keep them realistic though, so here goes nothing:

In 2014 I will…

  • write on this blog
  • get a least one more IT certification
  • spend more time with my family and my friends
  • create at least one website that has at least 1000 unique visitors/month
  • see the aurora borealis AKA the northern lights

I do have other plans, but I want to keep it short and 1 year from now not to regret writing a long list that I didn’t accomplish.

Let this be the first post of many and a Happy New year to all of you.

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