My best photos of February 2015

I’ve decided that every month I will create a post with the best photos taken by me in the previous month. This will be the first month when I do this, but expect a post at the beginning of each month. Some of these photos might be new to you, while some you may have already seen.
Generally speaking these will be photos that got positive attention on Flickr, 500px, Facebook or that I simply really liked and decided to include.

Without further adieu, here are my best photos of February 2015:

1. 6 Pyamids – I think it’s pretty obvious where this was taken. If you do visit the site and want some panoramic photos, like this one, make sure you go further up a hill where you can see all 6 or 9 Pyramids. I opted to only include 6 in these shot.

6 Pyramids, Giza, Egypt


2. Shadow on crosswalk – I was attracted to this picture when I saw that the sun was shinning and creating some interesting textures on the cross-walk. I converted this picture to black & white but it didn’t really need it, since there where no colours in the image.

Shadow on crosswalk


3. Sphynx reflection – This isn’t the original Sphynx, but I really liked how it reflected of the tiles.

Sphynx Reflection 4. The Berkeley Library Sphere – This sphere can be found at Trinity College Dublin. After taking this photograph I found out that the sphere actually rotates constantly, very slowly, so I will probably revisit this site.

The Berkeley Library Sphere

4 thoughts on “My best photos of February 2015

  1. Hello, Claudiu,

    This is the first time to your site, and I’m glad I came. It’s nice to connect with you on your site. Well done on your blog.

    Your pictures are stunningly beautiful, wow!! I think The Berkeley Library Sphere is my favorite. It spins? That’s so cool.

    I really appreciate you sharing your work. Have a great weekend.

    Take Care,
    – Carol 🙂

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