Lucy, The Movie

Taipei. I feel like the director is trying to tell me something. The message doesn’t seem to come across. Everything feels weird and out of place, more so than it should at the beginning of a movie.
Ah, the action begins, or does it? There is a lot of chatter in a language I don’t understand, and apparently neither do the characters. Yes, bring in an interpreter, that will help.

Very soon after that, the plot of the movie is revealed, but not completely. It will take a few more tries before delivering the essence.

The subject. A drug that allows you to unlock 100% of your brain. Haven’t they addressed this in “Limitless“? Maybe it was a bit different, but I can’t help comparing them. The resemblance with Limitless ends here though, as the movie takes a completely different turn of events.

We get to see a lot of Scarlett Johansson‘s eyes throughout the movie. Is the director trying to tell us that the eyes are the window to the soul? Maybe, or maybe she has lovely eyes, so why not showcase them ?

Originally, I thought Morgan Freeman is in this movie just because he is Morgan Freeman. I still think that, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t deliver the role as well as he usually does. Oh no, he was Morgan Freeman alright 🙂

Wasn’t the fact that we use a limited amount of brain power debunked as a myth ? Ah who cares, the action begins. Lots of shooting, fighting, kicking. Just what you would expect, and what you knew was going to happen if you watched the trailer.

Now, to the way the subject was addressed. I actually think there is no great way to address this subject. Many movies have tried, including Limitless recently, but I’m happy they took a different approach.

Conclusion ? Well, I personally think the movie was very well made. They clearly went with the “ridiculous approach” while still trying to maintain somewhat of an informative feel. I think that the balance was right where it should have been, and while I wouldn’t watch this again anytime soon, I would feel comfortable recommending it to my friends.

The main characters were played very well, despite not understanding what some of them were saying half of the time. Miss Johansson tried just a little bit too much at times, but you hardly could tell. Perhaps this was the way it was intended, because of the ridiculous note of the movie?