A letter to this brunette I was seeing for a few years

The first time I met you, I was still a child, innocent. It was probably a hot summer day, and I was vulnerable. You took advantage of me.
I approached you, and I head that noise you like to make, the one that would become scorched in my brain. A sound that I always wanted you to make when we met, and that I thought makes me feel good. At first you were a bit pungent, but then I realised you can also be sweet.

Our relationship was a long one, with very few fights in between.

Although we met in the summer, when I needed you, our relationship extended into other seasons. Actually, I remember this one day, when it was so cold and snowy outside that I thought nothing can convince me to go out, but I was wrong. Your calling was too strong, and you succeeded in drawing me out.

It was long before people started talking, as people usually do. They were saying that you weren’t good for me, that in fact you were actually doing me a lot of damage.

I didn’t listen to them, I was strong.

I would come looking for you, even when I wasn’t supposed to. But… I gave in after a while, and I started listening to people. That was the first time we broke up, do you still remember?

That didn’t last of course and, soon, I went looking for you again.

After many years, I gave you up. I don’t even remember I managed that, as I was sure I couldn’t. I think it was just how life goes sometimes.

Yes, sometimes I still fall into your grip when I see you, maybe I even look for you on purpose, but that doesn’t mean anything. You have to understand we can never have what we once had.


And that folks, is why I don’t drink Coca-Cola anymore. It’s not natural that a soft drink can make you want to write things like that 😀

Ok, maybe a small one with some pizza is ok, right? 😀

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