Learn a language for free with Duolingo

You’ve been wanting to learn any of the following languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, German? Well then you’re in luck. You can learn all of them for free using Duolingo.

Duolingo is an online platform where you can learn any of the mentioned languages for free. More are in the making like Irish, Turkish, Russian etc. Not only that you can learn using your computer, but they have apps for IOS¬†and Android as well, which don’t lose any of the functionality of the website.

How is this possible for free?
I’m glad you asked. Well, after you have reasonably good skills, Duolingo will ask you to practice in translating articles.
The articles you will be translating are actually commissioned¬†by companies to be translated and that’s how Duolingo pays for its servers and other expenses.

Also, many languages are created by volunteers, like for example, learning English, from Romanian which has just entered BETA after a lot of work put in by its volunteers.

I personally believe this is an ingenious idea and I am promoting Duolingo to everybody I know that wants to learn a language in the hope that the community grows and Duolingo can continue doing what it’s doing.

If you learned a language through Duolingo, please keep practicing so you can get better and Duolingo can stay alive. If you already know a language, then sign up to help develop it, if it’s not already available on Duolingo, so we can make it a better place.

I’ve quickly gone through the English from Romanian class to get a feel of how it is and now translate articles when I have time, but I also volunteered to work on Romanian from English which has started to “incubate” as Duolingo likes to put it.


If you sign up, please follow me, my username is: MostlyVirtual

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