How did I end up with a snake in my underwear ?

I was in Egypt for a week to see the pyramids, enjoy some sunny weather and discover some local culture. I discovered even more than I bargained for. Let me give you some context.

I was at a show called “1001 Nights” where I went to see a cultural show, followed by some belly dancing, some other Egyptian dancing and a show with hypnotized snakes. According to the description it was gearing up to be a great night.

The show started with the cultural show where they presented to us several scenes of Egyptian history. Unfortunately the translation wasn’t great, so I didn’t get any of it. Since I wasn’t getting any useful information I decided to go out and try to shoot some night photography using long exposure. Here are two shots from that night:

After the cultural show was over we all moved around a stage where the dancing and snaking was supposed to take place.

Right when the hypnotized snakes came on, the hypnotist signalled me to get on stage. I went without even thinking twice as I was expecting a snake around my neck, and nothing too fancy. It’s true that he started by wrapping the cold blooded creature around my neck but what followed didn’t even cross my mind. He grabbed the snake by the head and shoved him down into my underwear. It … was … cold …

In the beginning the sensation was very weird and I suddenly got a rush of amusement combined with fear. About 99% of me knew that he was certain nothing would go wrong, otherwise he wouldn’t have done it but, let me tell you, the 1% weighed very heavily on my mind. So many things could have gone wrong and I would never have any offspring of my own. As such, I wasn’t going to move AT ALL.
After a short period of time, which felt like an eternity to me, he came and unwrapped its tail from around my neck and started tugging on it, telling me to “jump”. Jump? I couldn’t even move, and he wanted me to jump. He did manage to get the creature out and a wave of relief passed over me, I walked away from the incident unscathed. I quickly went back to my seat and started contemplating the choices I made in my life that lead me to have a snake in my underwear.

If you want to have a quick laugh, you can find the pictures below. For those who have 3 minutes to spare, there is even a video. Enjoy 🙂

A 3 minute video:

Did anything like this ever happen to you?

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