Free English certification with the Duolingo test center

I was telling you about Duolingo in my: Learn a language for free with Duolingo post. If you haven’t heard about Duolingo, go check out my previous post and then come back.

Well, they are now releasing an online Test center called of course: test center.

Via this new test center, they are hoping to make getting an English certification very easy and straight forward.

Some advantages of using the Duolingo test center:

  • it’s totally free for now, while it’s still in BETA and then it will only be $20
  • it has been scientifically correlated to TOEFL iBT
  • convenient – take it from your own house
  • supervised by a real person

Currently you can take it via Android (4.0 and higher versions) or the Google Chrome browser.
Why only these two options? Because they need to install a plugin/app, so they can monitor your desktop and webcam, to try and prevent cheating.
An iOS app should be coming in September.

Check out their introductory video:

Go try it out while it’s still free and if you’re too late, then I think the $20 is well worth it.

I’ve tried it out myself, but still waiting for the results as they can take up to 72 hours to come in.

Tell me your thoughts...

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