Dublin Castle sand sculptures

I had the pleasure of seeing three great sand sculptures, made in the Dublin Castle courtyard, so I whipped out my camera and took some photographs.

Any well made sculpture will impress you but, somehow knowing that it was made in sand, these impressed me even more. Perhaps because it appealed to the child in me, who was trying to make sand sculptures on the beach, but somehow they always turned out in the shape of the bucket.

About the sculptures:

I found out that they are made by two irish sculptors, Daniel Doyle and Niall Magee, who make these sand sculptures for the past 15 years, every year having a different theme.
They use a special sand called mortar, which is used in construction and, after the sculpture is finished, they add some glue to protect the outside of the sculpture.

You can see more sand sculptures on their website, where you can also find others made in snow and even ice.

Did you ever try to make a sand sculpture on the beach?

Tell me your thoughts...

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