Chappie – Movie review

When I was little I used to have many record discs, and later cassettes, with different stories. One of those stories was about Pinocchio, that lovable puppet, sculpted from wood by Geppetto, who only wished it could become a real boy.
I can’t feel help feeling that this movie is somehow the modern equivalent of Pinocchio but, you know, with guns and crime 🙂
The funny part is that when I was listening to Pinocchio’s story I wasn’t thinking that it was a Sci-Fi story. It was just a story to me and that’s it. I guess that later in life we real feel the need to label everything.

The writer/director Neil Blomkamp also gave us Elysium and District 9, which were both written and directed by him. It seems that he prefers to be the director of the scripts he writes, so that he can bring the vision he had in his head when writing it to life. If you enjoyed Elysium and District 9, then you will most likely enjoy Chappie, as it has a lot of the same elements.

The main actor who’s the voice behind Chappie is Sharlo Copley who also played in both Elysium and District 9, so he clearly has a strong relationship with the director.
The real surprise, for me at least, was to see the two members from Die Antwoord play themselves, but with an exaggerated story.
You might know them for the Rich Bitch and Enter the ninja songs, which are both very controversial, so I’m not expecting you to like it, but let me tell you that they played their characters very well in the movie. The surprise part is that they don’t have any real acting experience, but they still managed to pull it off.

The movie itself seemed very complex and deep to me.
Firstly they address the subject of AI (artificial intelligence) and the consequences that appear when you create such a being. They compared the creation of the AI with the birth of a new child and, because the AI develops much faster, they could show how the parents feel throughout the life of the child. Of course, the AI was as easy to corrupt as a child/teenager is and as such it was easy to convince him to do crime.
This was certainly an interesting approach since most people believe that an AI wouldn’t do the same mistakes as we do, simply because its intellect would be superior.

They also touch on the idea that you can transfer the conscience of an AI to another body, and even the conscience of a human being to a robot body. Both of these are very hard to imagine, but I think they managed to depict this in an interesting way.

The soundtrack is dominated by music from Die Antwoord, which is not really unexpected seeing as they play in the movie.

The special effects where very well done, except for a few very short instances where it felt that the robots don’t blend as they should with the environment. This was only brief  and should not ruin your experience.

Overall I think this is a great movie and I have no problem in giving it 4 out of 5.