Canon 60D – Beginning my photographic journey

Well, I did it, I finally pulled the trigger and got a DSLR camera. Since I’ve done so, I learned that DSLR means Digital Single Lens Reflex.

Here is my new beauty:

Canon 60D

It’s a Canon 60D DSLR camera. It has an 18MP sensor and and can also shoot Full HD video. Overall, I am very happy with it so far.

After reading many articles on the internet, and some advice from a friend, I decided to only buy the camera body and buy the lens separately.
As such, I was lucky to find a second hand camera body, with a low shutter count, at about half of the price I would’ve paid for a new one. Thrilled!

After that, I found an almost new Sigma 50mm lens at an amazing price and went for it.
I will be purchasing 1-2 more lenses in the very near future.

Since I needed to learn how to use the Canon 60D, I searched around and found this excellent course from simply called: Shooting with the Canon 60D, which I managed to finish very quickly and even got this certificate to show for it :).

The course, taught by Ben Long, mostly talked about the functions and layout of the camera, but it did throw some great photography concepts at me.
Since I want to really get the hang of this, and turn it into an actual hobby, I decided to continue with some of his other photography courses on, as I really like his teaching style.

The courses I will be taking are:

Foundations of Photography: Exposure
Foundations of Photography: Lenses
Foundations of Photography: Night and Low Light

And probably others…

The way works is, you pay $25/mo and you have access to ALL of their library which is great as they have tons of courses, and not just on Photography.

One of the first photos I ever took with the Canon 60D:

Canon 60D

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