About me

I decided to do this bit by bit as I think of things to add.

To start off, my name is Claudiu and I was born in Petrosani, Romania and I live in Dublin, Ireland.
I speak Romanian and English reasonably well and I like to think I speak Italian 😐 😀
Overall, I’ve lived in the following cities: Petrosani, Sirmione, Timisoara, Bucuresti, Kilkenny, Clonmel and Dublin. Seven cities in about seven years.

Social stuff:


Some of my gear:

Desktop: Built by me – i5 4670k Haswell, 16GB RAM, Sapphire R9 290x, 1xSSD 60GB+1xHDD 750GB (maine partition cached with Intel SRT) + 1 x 2TB HDD random stuff – Mostly running Windows 8 with several VM’s running

Laptop: MacBook Pro 15″ Early 2011 – i7 2.2, 16GB RAM, ATI 6750 512MB, 1xSSD 256GB + 1xHybrid HDD 500GB (instead of the optical drive) – Mostly running OS X and Windows 8

Smartphone: Samsung Galxy S4 (previously iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy S, iPhone 3GS)

Tablet: Tesco Hudl 7″ – cheap and perfect for reading books/news

If you want to contact me: